Field Installation

Systems Designed For.....

  • Long Term Performance with Appropriate Safety Factors
  • Dependability
  • Serviceability
  • Future Expansion (If Required)
  • Structural Integrity
  • Compliance to IIAR Standards and Customer’s Specifications
  • Safety – OSHA compliance
  • Maximum efficiency at full load and reduced loads
  • Redundancy and/or Multiple Components for Key Equipment
  • Low Refrigerant Operating Charge
  • Seismic (If Required)


  • IIAR and ASHRAE Refrigeration Standards
  • Electrical Codes
  • ASME B31.5, ASME B31.3, Sanitary 3A Piping Codes
  • All Carbon and Stainless Steel Piping to have root pass TIG welded


  • Over 145 years of refrigeration experience
  • Three Professional Engineers on Staff
  • Hundreds of installations (“Greenfield” and Existing System Upgrades)
  • Modular Designed Systems , Field Installed Systems, Packaged Systems.
  • Commissioning and Support
  • Energy and Safety Audits
  • PLC Control Systems
  • Electrical Design with Documentation
  • Documentation– Comprehensive Operating Manuals, Detailed Drawings with Tagging & Labeling Nomenclature