Control Systems

Synergy Control Systems

  • Allen Bradley Integrator
  • All control panels are UL 508A listed
  • Allen Bradley ControlLogix, MicroLogix, FlexLogix, SLC Platforms
  • Control Systems designed for Direct, Glycol/Brine and Complex Refrigeration Systems
  • Design, Engineering, Programming, Debugging, Start-up and Training
  • Upgrade existing control systems
  • Ability to implement multiple PLC manufacturers.

Typical Control System Features

  • Graphic display of all critical system devices (PLC and non PLC controlled devices)
  • Data logging of analog values
  • Detailed alarm descriptions for easy system troubleshooting.
  • Active Alarms and Alarm History screens
  • Adjustable compressor PM settings with notifications when PM is due.
  • Most Refrigeration Systems have a Backup mode that can be used if the PLC fails.
  • Gas leak detection status, displays in PPM and interlock state (if applicable)
  • Monitoring of system critical control breakers. (I/O breakers, compressor control circuit breakers, crankcase heater breakers, etc)
  • Ethernet communications.
  • Remote access to control system for 24/7 controls support.
  • Monitoring of all transmitters, and notification of failed units.
  • Easy program modification to add devices at a later date.
  • All control panels are UL 508A listed
  • Redundant high discharge pressure shutdown (Penn pressure switch and PLC transducer )